Innovation is our elixir.
It is our challenge to find simple solutions for complex tasks and translate them into functional engineering.

We can

Customer- and user-friendliness

We focus on the satisfaction of our customers when developing machines.
Our team thrives on the close and friendly cooperation with our customers. The wishes of our customers motivate us to continuous improvement.



We build machines which meet the highest possible quality standards.
Quality is not just a word, but the basis of our action. Only by fulfilling the highest quality- and reliability-standards our work is successful.


Environmental compatibility

Protection of operator and environment is most important when developing our machines. Pentagal had been the first manufacturer, who built Hot Air Leveling machines as a completely closed system. That minimized the escape of vapors and maximized the operating safety.


PENTAGAL has about 50 years of experience in the construction of special purpose machinery and 40 years of experience in the construction of Hot Air Leveling Systems. The company built a few hundred manual Hot Air Leveling Systems under the responsibility of the two managers Hans-Georg Schlaeger and Frank Winter since. Since 2002 Dr. Sabine Schlaeger-Diegel, the daughter of the owner Hans-Georg Schlaeger, joins the company.

Hans-Georg Schlaeger, Gründer

Hans-Georg Schlaeger, Founder

Since a few years Pentagal makes a mark as special purpose machinery manufacturer for tinning machinery. As a “global player” the share of exports runs up to more than 80 %. We supply Hot Air Leveling Systems to USA, Japan, China, India, to different countries in South America, Scandinavia, Africa and to most of the European countries.

Since many years Pentagal-Chemie is represented at the following fairs: Productronica in Munich and IPC-Show in USA. Pentagal is one of the 12 companies under hundreds, which exhibit since 46 years at Productronica in Munich. Additionally Pentagal has its own agencies in USA, Canada, Asia, Russia, India, Poland, Italy and Spain.

Innovation, user- and customer-orientation, highest quality, non-pollution and sustainability are supreme objectives.

Penta Automatic

Within the 80ies Penta Hot Air Leveling Systems created much more agreeable and less stressing work conditions for the operator, because they were built as a compact system. As a result noise and fume could be isolated. With its first diagonal Hot Air Leveling System Pentagal set worldwide standards.

Even today innovation, user- and customer-orientation, highest quality and non-pollution are the supreme objectives of PENTAGAL. Due to this philosophy PENTAGAL started to develop a vertical Hot Air Leveling System, which is more cost-effective, space-economizing, more available and ecological than present horizontal automatic Hot Air Leveling Systems.

Thanks to years of experience in plant manufacturing and to intensive feedback of customers PENTA AUTOMATIC, the first automatic vertical Hot Air Leveling System of the world, was developed. Many well-known enterprises, such as AT&S AG, EPC International, Fuba Tunisie, Green Source Fabrication LLC, Schweizer Electronic AG, Schaltungsdruck Storz, Serigroup a.m.o are convinced of the various advantages of the PENTA AUTOMATIC. For company Schweizer Electronic Pentagal developed a PENTA AUTOMATIC with exchangeable solder pot for tin-lead as well as lead-free solder in 2012.

The latest development is a manual Hot Air Leveling machine for flexible printed circuit boards from 0.1 mm, which can also be used for normal boards up to 5.0 mm.

Dr. Sabine Schlaeger-Diegel & Frank Winter, Management

Dr. Sabine Schlaeger-Diegel & Frank Winter, Management