We offer a comprehensive service worldwide for the products in our Penta family. Our experienced service technicians ensure that your system always works reliably and delivers optimum quality. We recommend annual maintenance of your systems by our personnel. In addition, we offer training courses for your employees on the correct handling of our systems so that they can achieve the best quality.
We assess your Penta system and then refurbish it in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability. What can be repaired, will be repaired! The scope of a refurbishment can include the following activities:
  • Cleaning, reconditioning and adjustment of mechanics
  • Overhaul of pneumatic systems
  • Renewal of electronics
  • Conversion of control systems
We also buy used Penta systems and overhaul them completely in our factory in Bochum so that they can be resold in optimum condition. In this way, we want to prevent Penta systems from being sold in poor condition.
Workshop services
Welding work and repairs of all kinds on the following materials:
  • Steel
  • stainless steel
  • titanium
  • aluminum
 Turning and milling work:
  • Production of special parts
  • Turning of shafts
  • Plan work
  • Modification of existing shafts or housings
  • Grooving for keyway connections

Stage technology

In 1987, the makers of Starlight Express Bochum approached us with an almost impossible task. To the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, a theater was to be built in Bochum based on the model of the London musical Starlight Express, which was to surpass the London performance by far.
Based on a stage model, complex stage technology was to be created in addition to the elaborate lighting and sound technology. Pentagal was responsible for the statics, construction, mechanical engineering, electrical equipment and control of large parts of the stage technology and was completed on schedule in a six-month construction period. The musical was originally planned to run for two years. Since its premiere in 1988, the musical and its technology have far exceeded these plans.

The stage technology we built includes the heart of the technology, a hydraulically controlled four-axis bridge that weighs nine tons and floats above the stage and variably connects three moving levels, as well as various lifting platforms.

We built further stage technology for a production of Hamlet at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg and for an opera production at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich.


Custom-made products

Boats | Yachts

Stainless steel masts, railings and special parts for sailing boats and yachts.
Catering kitchen
We manufacture custom-made stainless steel counters, shelves and cabinets for your catering kitchen.
Railings for indoor and outdoor use
We manufacture made-to-measure stair railings for indoor and outdoor use as well as balcony railings made of stainless steel or steel in a modern or classic style.
Dance floors and counters
We built dance floors and counter parts for the former Bochum discotheque Tarmcenter in Bochum, as well as for several other Bochum restaurants.
Sculpture construction
Richard Serra, 5 Sculptures, 1995 at the Galerie m Bochum
We have supported various artists, such as Richard Serra, Joseph Beuys, David Rabinowitch and Christiane Möbus, in the construction of their metal sculptures or object installations with our craftsmanship and technical expertise. We are happy to help you to carefully realize your artistic
artistic visions into practice.

Come to us with your ideas!



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