The future-proof high-performance flux for printed circuit boards - free from Bisphenol A

PALUX 40S is a universally applicable flux for printed circuit boards and the consistent stringent evolution of our proven PALUX 30H. It is suitable for both leaded and lead-free solders. The flux is water-soluble and non-foaming, making it easy to wash off with cold water. It guarantees minimal ionic contamination and ensures shiny surfaces of the printed circuit boards with excellent electrical surface resistances. PALUX 40S behaves neutrally towards stainless steel and titanium, which means that air knives, solder pots, cladding sheets, and exhaust systems are not etched and are easy to maintain.

By avoiding BPA-containing additives, PALUX 40S can be used even more safely for humans and the environment while maintaining identical performance compared to PALUX 30H. Our machine types PENTA 450, PENTA 550, PENTA 580, and PENTA Automatic offer ideal compatibility with PALUX 40S. The resulting volatile compounds can be effectively cleaned by an air washer, following the principle of a packed bed scrubber, like the PENTA Air Cleaner. The wastewater is harmless and biodegrades rapidly. Local regulations must be considered when releasing wastewater.

Bisphenol A (BPA)
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a ubiquitous starting material to produce plastic polymers and a central component of many surfactant formulations.
Almost all common fluxes for hot air leveling utilize BPA-containing additives. While bisphenol A is initially bound in plastics and detergents
after polymerization, it can be released in thermally demanding industrial processes (such as HAL), exposing your employees
and the environment.
It is known for a long time that BPA can have estrogen-like effects in the human body. However, since 2016, there has been an intensive
re-evaluation BPA risks by the European Commission. After initially being included in the category 1B reproductive toxicants, it has
been listed as a "substance of very high concern" since 2017. Along with other countries, Germany has now issued a declaration of
intent for restrictions. It is therefore only a matter of time before widespread restrictions on BPA-containing substances are
enforced in Germany and the EU.
Leading companies in the chemical and technical industry are already avoiding the use of
BPA-containing chemicals and have switched to alternative products. Don't miss out on the
transition to a high-performance, BPA-free flux alternative: PALUX 40S.


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