Anode tinning machine

The Penta anode-tinning-machine is a fully automated tinning line for anode-holders made of copper. By automating the tinning process, production of anodes is accelerated, quality is standardized and health-hazardous factors for the employees are reduced.

The copper-anode-holders are cleaned in a chemical etching solution. In the next station the copper is prepared for tinning by a water-flux solution.

The copper-anode-holders are tinned in the solder bath at a temperature of 300°C. Subsequently the tinned anode-holders are emitted safely via an output table for further processing.

The system is operated via colour-touch-screen. All parameters, production processes and visualizations are displayed user-friendly. Network with LAN connection is available.

The whole line is divided into 5 + 1 components with measurements of: 7,500 x 2,100 x 2,510 mm

System components are

  • Loading station with two loading carts
  • Pre-cleaning
  • Rinse
  • Tinning station
  • Output Station
  • Standby oven