Stage Technology

In 1987, the former management of Musical Starlight Express Bochum, approached us with an almost impossible task. A theater should have been built in Bochum, only for the musical Starlight Express, with the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, modeled after the London musical Starlight Express, which should surpass the London performance by far.

According to a stage model, a complex stage equipment should arise in addition to complicated lighting and sound equipment. Pentagal took over the part of the structural design, construction, mechanical engineering, electrical equipment and control of large parts of the stage equipment and Pentagal finished its work on schedule in a six-month construction period. The musical was originally scheduled for a term of two years. 

The musical and its technology outgun those planning since the premiere in 1988 by now more than 26 years.

Among other stage equipment (various lifting platforms), the core of the stage technology, a hydraulically controlled four-axis bridge, which weighs nine tons and hovers over the stage and which combines three driving levels variably, was built by Pentagal.

Other stage equipment was built by us for a Hamlet-production of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, as well as for an opera production of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich.

Starlight Express Stage

Dance floors and counters

We built dance floors and metal parts of counter for the former Nightclub Tarmcenter in Bochum, as well as for some other restaurants in Bochum.

Tarm Center, Main Hall

Construction of metal sculptures

We supported various artists such as Richard Serra, Joseph Beuys, David Rabinowitch or Christiane Möbus with our craftsmanship and technical skills in the construction of their metal sculptures or object installations.

We would like to help to turn your
artistic visions carefully into practice.

Richard Serra, 5 Sculptures

Richard Serra, 5 Sculptures, 1995 at Galerie m Bochum