Matching the complete PENTA series, PENTA hot dog is a copper separator specially developed for lead-free technology.

PENTA hot dog is an external solder pot for copper separation and solder preparation. Targeted solder recycling (parallel to production) significantly reduces solder consumption and therefore costs, and conserves environmental resources. The hot dog can be used in Hot Air Leveling systems with lead-free and leaded solder as well as in all other soldering systems. The enrichment of the solder bath with copper during the tinning or soldering process makes it necessary to raise the process temperature, which places additional stress on the already thermally stressed circuit boards. In addition, the quality of the tin layer on the PCB deteriorates due to the copper enrichment. To avoid this, the copper content must be reduced.

The arrangement of the heaters, the geometry of PENTA hot dog solder pot and all the materials used in PENTA hot dog are optimally adapted to the special requirements of lead-free solder and make PENTA hot dog unique. Many operating materials are identical to other PENTA parts and offer PENTA customers in particular optimum spare parts logistics.
As with the entire PENTA series, PENTA hot dog has been designed with user-friendliness and ease of maintenance in mind. PENTA hot dog is available with 350 kg.

A heated drain tap can be installed as an option.

Supplied including castor feet and perforated plate scoop.

Technical data

  • Dimensions W x D x H: 650 x 500 x mm, handle height adjustable

  • Solder pot capacity: 350 kg

  • Temperature range: 0 - 300°

  • Power supply: 400 V CEE 5 x 16A (200kg) / 32

  • Back-up fuse: 16A (200kg) / 25A (250,300kg)

  • Total power: 9.6 kW / 11.5 kW



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