Vertical automatic Hot Air Leveling system

PENTA AUTOMATIC consists of an upstream flux module, the main automatic HASL module and a downstream cooling section. The employee in charge only has to operate the stackers and unstackers of the line. PENTA AUTOMATIC requires insignificantly more valuable production space than a conventional manually operated tinning line. The availability is approx. 95 %, i.e. with an operation of 24 hours, only approx. one hour of maintenance time has to be included. The spare parts requirement per year amounts to only a few hundred euros. The low costs for spare parts and the low susceptibility to malfunctions as well as the low maintenance times and the space savings result in extremely low operating costs. Another advantage of the vertical fully automatic machine is the lower consumption of fluxing agents and the elimination of cover oils, which are expensive to dispose of. The built-in horizontal fluxer requires only 50g / m2 of flux. This means that, in contrast to other fully automatic Hot air Leveling systems, only one third of the flux is consumed.


When is the use of Penta Automatic worthwhile?
If the company processes more than 800 boards per day and employs more than one person for tinning or works in several shifts, the company can already save 50% of its employees by using Penta Automatic. The employee working on the system can spend 80% of his working time on the quality control of the tinned circuit boards, which would require additional working time with amanually operated machine. Depending on the panel parameterization, Pentagal guarantees a tinning of up to 300 panels per hour with PENTA AUTOMATIC in contrast to a tinning of approx. 150 panels per hour with a manually operated machine. In this way, up to 1800 PCBs can be processed per shift and employee. With the addition of all the above-mentioned cost factors, i.e. labour,
material and spare parts costs, up to 70 % of costs can be saved per PCB with the PENTA AUTOMATIC.
Consistently excellent quality of the tinned boards is ensured by the fact that all operating parameters are constantly controlled and monitored internally. The control system is network-compatible via LAN and can optionally be connected to Pentagal remote maintenance network. If the machine is connected to the company's own network, the creation of a quality protocol within the scope of certification according to DIN ISO 9000 ff is made much easier. In addition, the documentation allows the parameters for the production of "best quality" printed circuit boards to always be checked and additionally made operator-independent.
Customer and user friendliness through excellent technology
Up to 70% COST SAVINGS per circuit board
The internal controlling system not only takes care of parameter documentation, but also detects the occurrence of deviations from the preset operating parameters almost simultaneously. Slight deviations are immediately displayed on the monitor and must be acknowledged by the operator. Serious errors are immediately signalled to the operator via two perception channels: auditorily by a horn sound and visually by a signal light. In this case, PENTA AUTOMATIC automatically stops loading, the cleaning lines are released and the panels are stored in the buffer. Due to the high export share of PENTA Automatic, the user interfaces of the user programs can be set in several languages.
A further simplification for the customer is that parameter presets for operation can be programmed according to the customer's wishes, which only have to be called up by the operator. The parameter settings can also be selected depending on the plate type. Parameters can be changed at any time in seconds by the work preparation department or other authorized persons. Even during operation, parameters can be changed in seconds.
Taking into account the latest software-ergonomic design guidelines, a user-friendly and thus easy-to-understand user interface was created. The operation is carried out via touch screen. The operating process is shown on the display in an animation, which is actually connected to the running process via a sensor system and is thus "online". In case of necessary tinning of special plates, e.g. flexible plates or special types, in case of rework or diagonal tinning, PENTA AUTOMATIC can also be used for tinning in manual operation mode. Reworkings of already finished panels up to "postage stamp size" can be carried out. The layer thicknesses to be produced during tinning with PENTA AUTOMATIC range from > 1 µm up to max. 20 µm and are thus exactly at the usually desired layer thicknesses. At the end of the successful tinning process, the attached cooling section ensures that the PCBs are cooled down gently to < 100° C.
The machine works with 4 rotating titanium clamps. The direction of rotation and thus the loading and unloading side can be freely selected when ordering. This allows the cleaning lines to be placed variably. Loading, tinning and unloading take place simultaneously. This allows cycle speeds of up to 300 plates per hour. The machine is very accessible, the pot can be swivelled out to 80° and is easy to maintain from the front. The power electrics are located outside the machine in a stainless steel control cabinet. The machine is operated via a control panel that can be swivelled through 200°. The use of a touch screen makes menu navigation very simple. There are basically no limits to the choice of languages in the menu.

Technical features

  • Air heater (connected load): 19.2 KW 

  • Solder pot (connected load): 34.4 K

  • Other consumers incl. inlet and outlet conveyors

  • (connected load): 4 KWAir

  • consumption: 18 KW (compressor power)

  • Suction: 2800 cbm/h at 800 - 1000 PA suction power

  • Air connection: R 1 1/2

  • Compressed air line cross-section: min. 40 mm

  • Solder pot filling: 400 kg lead solder / 360 kg lead-free solder

  • Clamp cross/drive: regulated three-phase motor

  • Lift/toothed belt drive: regulated three-phase motor

  • Travel speed variably adjustable in user menu

  • Loading arm/drive: pneumatic cylinder

  • Unloading arm/drive: regulated three-phase motor

  • Pump drive: regulated three-phase motor



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