Manual Hot Air Leveling System​

Penta 550 is a vertical Hot Air Leveling System equipped with the latest technology. Penta 550 has the proven advantages of Penta series. These include the highest quality and durability, inexpensive and easy maintenance, low spare parts costs and user-friendliness. Due to the encapsulation of the tinning chamber, production is almost emission-free. Of course, this Penta system is also suitable for any solder. The touch colour display offers comfortable and easy operation and the high-speed PLC ensures safe and reliable operation of the machine.

Technical features

Floor frame
The floor frame is made of thick-walled stainless steel square tube and serves as a load-bearing element for all installed units. It is welded airtight and is used as a compressed air buffer tank for the blow-off process of the air knives.
Top attachment frame
The upper frame made of square tube is welded to the base frame and forms a rigid unit.
Clamp lift unit
The lift for clamp and PCB transport is an electrically controlled three-phase linear drive.
The plunge and pull-out speed is preselected and stored in the menu.
Machine cladding
All cladding panels are made of stainless steel and are bolted to the frame. The upper front door serves as a support for two parallel discs. The door can be swung upwards, supported by gas springs. This ensures access for maintenance and cleaning work.
Printed circuit board clamp unit
The printed circuit boards are picked up by a clamp mounted on the Hub Lift.
The titanium clamp grips the PCB via a pneumatic cylinder controlled by a foot switch.
Solder pot
The solder pot is a container made of a special stainless steel that stands on a swivel joint and can be swung out for maintenance and cleaning work after removing the locking device. Heating is indirect via electric surface heating elements.
Solder pump
The freely accessible, frequency-controlled solder pump consists of a few individual parts and can be
easily dismantled by loosening one of the quick-release clamps.
Air knife
The two air knives made of solid special stainless steel are extremely stable against thermal-mechanical distortion.
The slotted nozzles are calibrated and can be easily readjusted if necessary. The air knives are adjustable in angle and distance.
The air knives can be removed from the pot as a unit in a few easy steps.
Air heater
This is an electrically heated, solid heat storage block for supplying the air knives with hot air.
During the blowing process, the compressed air is passed through the exchange registers located in the heating block.
An electrically controlled pressure regulator is fitted for each air knife. It is controlled via the operator menu in the terminal.
The set value for the respective air knife is stored in the PLC and is displayed via a pressure gauge.
Operating and control terminal
The terminal, which is mounted outside the machine so that it can be rotated and swivelled, has a central control system that controls all operations. In up to 50 different parameter menus, the operating parameters ,such as: Blow-off pressure, dipping time and lifting speed, can be called up. All data and states of control elements, contactors and valves can be checked in a function test program. The heating elements on the solder pot and in the air heater are automatically monitored. A monitoring program running in the background evaluates faults and opens a help menu for troubleshooting.

Technical data

  • Width x depth x height: 1800 x 900 x 2200 /mm
  • Weight: 950 kg
  • Throughput: 150 ... 20 PCB/h
  • max. board size: 700 x 700 x 6 / mm
  • Air pressure: 6...8 bar, ca. 280 Nl/cycle,
  • Compressor power: 14 kW
  • Exhaust air: 2000 m3 / h, 800 – 1.000 Pascal
  • Solder capacity: 365 kg lead solder, 320 kg lead-free solder
  • Electr. installation: 48 kW
  • Consumption: approx. 26 kW
  • Heating time: 2.5 hours


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