Penta Hotdog

Copper separator

Adapted to the complete PENTA series the PENTA separator, a copper separator, was developed particularly for lead free technology. The PENTA hot dog is an external solder pot for copper separation and solder treatment (parallel to production). Costs can be substantially reduced and environmental resources can be conserved by systematic recycling of solder. The hot dog is compatible with Hot-Air Leveling systems as well as with wave soldering systems with both lead and lead-free solder.
By the enrichment of the solder bath with copper during the tinning or soldering process, the rise of the process temperature is necessary. This strains the already thermal stressed panels additionally. By the enrichment of copper the quality of the tin layer on the printed circuit board worsens. To avoid this, the copper content must be reduced.

The arrangement of the heaters, geometry of the PENTA hot dog solder pots as well as all used materials of the PENTA separator are adapted optimally to the special requirements of the lead free solder and make the PENTA hot dog singular. Many parts are identically constructed with other PENTA parts and offer particularly the PENTA customer an optimal spare part logistics.
Like at all PENTA plants at the construction of PENTA hot dog special value was set on user-friendliness and simple maintenance. The PENTA hot dog is available with 200, 250 and 300kg solder pot capacity. The fitting of a discharge drain is possible.
Delivery includes casters and scoop.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions W x D x H: 650 x 500 mm, handle adjustable
  • Solder pot capacity: 200kg, 250 kg or 300 kg
  • Range of temperature: 0 - 300° C
  • Power supply: 400 V CEE 5 x 16A (200kg) / 32A
  • Pre-fuse: 16A (200kg) / 25A (250,300kg)
  • Total power: 9,6 kW / 11,5 kW