Penta Automatic

Many problems- one solution: PENTA AUTOMATIC

The system of the PENTA AUTOMATIC consists of an upstream flux-module, the Automatic itself and a downstream cooling line. The responsible worker has nothing more to do than to operate the supply- and loading unit. PENTA AUTOMATIC uses negligible more precious space than usual manual Hot Air Leveling Systems. The availability is about 95%, that means that you need only about one hour maintenance time within operation of 24 hours. The need of spare parts runs up to only a few hundred euros. Low costs for spare parts, low proneness for disturbance as well as low maintenance time and space-economizing lead to extremely low operating costs. Additional advantages of the vertical PENTA AUTOMATIC are the low consumption of flux and the non-disposal of oils. The installed horizontal flux-module uses only 50 g/m2 of flux. This means a consumption of only one third of flux in comparison to other usual automatic Hot Air
Leveling Systems.

Who should use a PENTA AUTOMATIC?

It is possible to save 50% of your staff by using the PENTA AUTOMATIC if you tin more than 800 boards per day and if you employ more than one person in Hot Air Leveling or if you work in several shifts. The operator can use 80% of his working hours for the quality control of the panels, which would take additional time if you use a manual Hot Air Leveling System. Depending on the parameters of the board, Pentagal Chemie guarantees tinning of up to 300 panels per hour with a PENTA AUTOMATIC in contrast to about 150 panels per hour with a manual Hot Air Leveling System. In this way up to 1800 panels could be processed per shift and worker. If you add all the cost factors, such as costs for wages, material or spare parts, 70 % of the costs per panel could be saved with the PENTA AUTOMATIC.

GUARANTEED up to 300 panels per hour

Guaranteed up to 300 panels per hour


Steady high quality of the tinned panels is guaranteed by permanent internal control and MS-data-bank-documentation of all the operating parameters. That is why a parameter-documentation of each single panel is possible even after weeks. This makes the preparation of a quality report within the scope of the certification according to DIN ISO 9000 ff much easier. Additionally parameters for the production of “highest-quality” boards could be controlled by the documentation and they become independent of the operator.

Customer- and user-friendliness by excellent technique

The internal controlling system does not only document the operation-parameters but notices deviation from the pre-set operation parameters immediately. Slight deviances are shown at the screen and the operator must give a receipt. Serious errors will be reported to the operator by two different ways of perception immediately, audibly by a horn as well as visually by a signal light. In this case PENTA AUTOMATIC stops loading automatically, the cleaning-line runs free and the panels will be stored in the buffer reservoir. Due to the high share of export of the PENTA Hot Air Leveling Systems, the surface of the user-program is adjustable in several languages.

Up to 70% COST SAVINGS per printed circuit board

Up to 70% cost savings per printed circuit board

According to customer-needs parameter-presets for the operation could be programmed. That makes operation much easier. Also it is possible to choose parameter-settings according to panel-sizes. Job planning or other authorized persons are able to change the parameter-settings anytime within a few seconds. As a special service, which emphasizes the customer-orientation as well, Pentagal-Chemie offers program-modification by remote maintenance via Internet. Because of that cost- and time-consuming journeys as well as long operation cancellation could be avoided.
The PENTA AUTOMATIC is network-compatible and can be controlled by a control-station. Considering the latest software-ergonomic guidelines, a user-friendly and therefore easily understandable user-surface was developed. You operate by touch-screen. The operation-process is shown on a display by an animation, which is in fact connected to the running process. In case of a necessary tinning of special panels, e.g. of flexible panels or special types, or in case of refinishing or diagonal tinning, PENTA AUTOMATIC can be run in manual mode. Already finished panels can be refinished up to stamp-size. The thickness of layers, produced by Hot Air Leveling with PENTA AUTOMATIC reaches from > 1 mm up to <20 mm and is under usually achieved thickness of layer. At the end of a successful tinning process the installed cooling-line provides a gentle cooling-down of the panels to < 100° C. Because of a possible adjustment to unleaded solder, Hot-Air Leveling will stay the best and most cost-effective method of tinning even in the future. As pressure of costs is constantly rising, producers of panels should check a change to automatic Hot Air Leveling.


The machine is working with 4 rotating titanium clamps. The loading which can be started up form any side and the outputmodule is on the left side of the machine. This allows a very variable utilization. The loading, the solder dip process and the output happen at the same time. Because of this, cycles up to 300 panels per hour can be reached. The machine is very good get-at-able-the solder pot can be swung up to 80 and is easy to maintain form the front. The electrical equipment is located on the machines´ outside in a switchbox. Due to the touch-screen using our program is very easy to handle.

Technical Characteristics

  • Air heater (connection power): 19,2 KW
  • Solder pot (connection power): 34,4 KW
  • Other consumers incl. conveyer belts
  • (connection power): 4 KW
  • Air consumption: 8 KW (compressor performance)
  • Exhaust: 3000 cbm/h at 800 - 1000 PA suction capacity
  • Air connection: R 1 1/2“
  • Pipe cross-section: min. 40 mm
  • Solder tank capacity: 400 kgs tin-lead, 360 kgs lead-free solder
  • Clamp-cross-drive: controlled 3-phase-current
  • Lift / Gear rim: controlled 3-phase-current
  • various speed / adjustable in users' menue
  • Loading drive: air-pressure cylinder
  • Unloading drive: controlled 3-phase-current
  • Pump drive: controlled 3-phase-current