Penta Aircleaner

Exhaust air cleaning

Applicable to PENTA 550, PENTA 580 and PENTA AUTOMATIC, as well as to other hot air levelling machines. The Penta Air Cleaner consists of a 2500 x 850 x 400 mm stainless steel corpus with a window in the front, which allows controlling of the function. The admission opening as well as the outlet port is a R 200 mm flanged connection for the connection to the hot air levelling machine and the exhaust fan.
Five labyrinth chambers filled with carrier material made of PP are inside the Air Cleaner. A drift eliminator and a spraying system to rinse the carrier material are integrated. Flushing happens by a connection at the top R 3/4. The water drain connection at the bottom side is R 11/4”.
For flushing, neutralized water or a sedimentation tank system is recommended. The performance of the pump ranges according to the delivery height from 0,5-0,75 kW.


The heated HASL exhaust air condensates inside the Air Cleaner at the carrier material. 90 % of residua of flux and pollutants, which are not in the gas phase, were washed out. Particulate materials and odours are not washed.

Installation and maintenance

The Air Cleaner is prepared for the assembling at the ceiling and can be uncoupled by provided screws. When assembling at the ground, assembly stands are used. If the carrier material is flushed as prescribed, the Air Cleaner is maintenance free.

Technical Data

  • Aircleaner 2000 m3/h exhaust air cleaning