Penta 550 - the system

Penta 550 is as well as the PENTA 580 a vertical hot air leveling system, which is equipped with the latest technology. User-friendly operation is guaranteed by a touch panel. A high-speed PLC allows high operation-speed. Because of the smaller admeasurements of the PENTA 550 as the PENTA 580 only smaller panels up to 700 x 700 mm could be processed. Of course Penta 550 is lead-free capable as well.

Technical Characteristics Framework

The frame consists of solid rectangular tube and is welded airtight. It serves as compressed air accumulator for the blowing process step of the air-knives.

Upper Frame Structure

The upper frame structure is made of square tube either. It is welded to the base frame and forms a torsionally stiff integral unit.


The clamp-lift-unit for the pcb-clamp is an electrical controlled routation linear sliding drive. The dipping- and exhausting speed is pilot controlled and safed in menue.


The external panels are made of stainless steel and are hinged to open for easy access to all components of the machine. The transparent doors at the load station of the machine close prior to the cycle starting. This completely isolates the operator and environment from the fumes and reduces noise leveles considerably. The inner trim panels are not fixed tight to the frame and may be taken out of the machine easily.

Clamp Unit

The clamp unit is fixed to the lift. The panel is locked by clamps via pneumatical cylinder. The clamp gets closed automatically and opened electro-pneumatically when the foot operated switch is actuated.

Solder Tank

The heat resistent special-stainless-steel solder tank is fixed with hinges to one side of the machine. It can be released by untightening a hand operated nut allowing the tank to be swung for service and clean up operation. The tank is indirectly heated by electrical flat heaters on the tank surface.

Solder Pump

The circulation pump is mounted left hand side on the tank´s top. The pump can be disassembled within a
short time.

Air Knives

The two air knives are made of solid special-stainless-steel, indirectly heated by a low airstream from the airheater. The knives are resistant to distorsion due to the thermal and mechanical actions and work noiseless because of the considerable weight. The slot width of the air knives can be exactly adjusted for any requirements. The air knives can be rotated around their horizontal axis. The position towards the PCBs is continuously variable. Together with the fixed steel plate the air knives ca be removed off easily.

Air Heater

The air heater is a solid electrically heated block for the support of the air knives with heated air. Controlled by a magnetic valve the precompressed air is led to a exchange register in the heating block.

Pressure Settings of the Air Knives

For each air knife a remote controlled pressure regulation is installed. The set input is done via terminal and stored in the PLC. The air pressure is indicated by a manometer.

Service and Control Panel

The active touch panel is mounted outside the machine and can be turned due to the requirements of the operator. It is equipped with a PLC, which controls all intern functions.

Additionally the PLC controls data like temperature of solder and air, which can be determined in 50 preselectable programs.
The variable data are displayed continuously. All merits of control elements, modes of control elements, switches and valves can be checked in a special test-program. This helps to reduce the probability of failure. Additionally the maintenance by the user is easier in most cases.

Technical Data

  • W x D x H : 1800 x 900 x 2200 /mm
  • Weight: 950 kg
  • Cycles: 150 ... 200
  • Max. dimensions of PCB: 700 x 700 x 6 / mm
  • Air pressure: 6...8 bar, appr. 280 Nl/cycle,
  • Compressor consumption: 14 kW
  • Exhaust: 2000 m3 / h,800 Pa
  • Solder capacity: 365 kgs tin-lead, 320 kgs lead-free solder
  • Electr. installation: 48 kW
  • Consumption: 26 kW