Flux for Hot Air Leveling

PALUX 30 H is well suitable for all panels, produced by SMD-technique. The flux is water-soluble and non-foaming. It can be washed off with cold water and guarantees only slight ionic pollution. Surfaces of the panels are shining and show very good electrical resistances.

PALUX 30 H remains neutral against stainless steel and titanium. Airknives, solder tank, external panels as well as the waste air system will not be corroded and therefore could be kept in good condition easily. If you run washing-up water into waste water, local regulations have to be considered.
Because of the volatile compounds, which occur during the dipping-process, PALUX 30 H must be run with a closed Hot Air Leveling System (like PENTA 550/ 570/580/Automatic) and the polluted air must be exhausted. Waste Air could be treated by a packing-air cleaner according to our Penta air cleaner. The water decomposes biologically.

Technical Data

  • ph-value at 100g/l = about 1
  • viscosity at 23°C = 350 mm2/s
  • density = 1.07 - 1.1 g/cm3
  • flash point: > 300°C
  • ignition point: about. 415°C


Avoid skin contact, wear protective gloves and goggles.

Package units, ready for use

  • 30 ltr. canister
  • 200 ltr. barrels
  • 1 m3 container