Within our research project promoted by the Bundesumweltstiftung, we compared different solders during the lead free hot-air levelling process. We make very good experiences with the HAL - electronics solders of the German company FELDER GmbH, with which we contracted a sales partnership. Our customers can order these solders directly with us, so that they can order all to the HAL process belonging components directly
with Pentagal.

On the Japanese and Asian market, these solders, doped with nickel and germanium, have already been used many years in HAL-process. These solders are produced according to the patent of Fuji-Electric Co., Ltd., Japan.

Advantages of Sn100Ni+ and Sn99Ag+®:

  • Shiny surfaces
  • Extremely low corrosion appearances with copper
  • Improved metal structure
  • Reduction of process temperature
  • Prevention of tin-whiskers
  • Low dross formation through germanium additive
  • Reduced surface tension
  • Improved wetting qualities

Special advantages of Sn99Ag+®:

Due to the additional silver content in ISO-Tin Sn99Ag+® a further reduction of the process temperature is achieved. At the same time an increased wetting speed and therefore also a bigger throughput is achieved.

Alloy: Sn100Ni+ (Sn99,3CuNiGe)

  • Fusing temperature in °C: 227 eutectic
  • Density in g/cm³: 7,31
  • Propagation acc. to JIS Z3283 in %: 73,6
  • wetting time in sec.: 0,88
  • Surface tension Nm/m at 277°C: 535
  • Copper dealloying in % after 1h at 277°C: 12

Alloy: Sn99Ag+ (Sn99Ag03Cu0,7NiGe)

  • Fusing temperature in °C: 217-227
  • Density in g/cm³: 7,34
  • Propagation acc. to JIS Z3283 in %: > 75
  • wetting time in sec.: 0,78
  • Surface tension Nm/m at 277°C: 510
  • Copper dealloying in % after 1h at 277°C: 40

Form of delivery

  • Rods à 400 g, 20 x 10 x 330 mm
  • 3,5 kg blocks with eye, 47 x 20 x 545 mm
  • Pellets for first filling, 10 x 150 mm